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The following is a list of equipment to make sure your child has. Some are required, some are optional.
See below for "Picking out a Glove"

  • ALL players will be provided with a Baseball Hat. 

  • TeeBall, Minors and Majors: You will be provided a Uniform Shirt (included in your registration). 

  • SingleA/DoubleA: Players are expected to re-use their uniform from last year. 
    • If you need a new uniform for SingleA/DoubleA, you were supposed to check that and pay for it when you registered. If you did NOT register for a new Uniform and you cannot re-use your SingleA/DoubleA uniform from last year, you can order one using the Uniform Replacements registration under "Registration" on our websit


- Baseball Glove - HRC recommends a glove that is fairly broken in, please read the bottom of this page for how to pick out a glove

- Helmet - Each kid is required to have their own helmet due to lice prevention.
               - HRCLL also highly recommend helmets with a Jaw Guard

- Gray Uniform Pants - Not required for Tee Ball, but recommended

- Baseball Cleats  - Tee Ball/SingleA/DoubleA can re-use soccer cleats if you have them

- Athletic Cup for Single A/Double A Catchers and ALL Minors/Majors players
   - All Catchers are required to wear a cup
   - All Minors/Majors players should wear a cup regardless of whether they are playing catcher


- USA bat (we have team bats, but feel free to buy your own) - Click Here for Approved Bat Rules (USSSA bats are illegal, don't confuse them with USA)
- Baseball Socks
- Baseball Belt

- Baseball Bag
- Sunglasses

Each year Dick's Sporting Goods offers us a 20% off weekend usually the first weekend in March. This a great time to get all of your gear! Stay tuned for this year's dates!

All players will be provided with a Baseball Hat and Uniform Shirt (Tee Ball/Single A/Double A keep the shirt, Minors/Majors return the shirt)

Picking Out a Glove:

Most little league kids should have a glove between 11 and 12 inches. 11.5-11.75 is a great size for most kids.

1. The sooner you purchase a new glove, the more time your player will have to break it in. Bringing a brand new glove to your first game in April won't give you time to break it in, and stiff leather makes it difficult to squeeze the glove after a catch. Some youth glove models are made of soft leather that is nearly game-ready right off the shelf. These gloves aren't made from the highest quality of leather but will often do the job if you need to purchase one right before the season begins. Higher quality gloves are made of leather that takes longer to break so if you're looking at a product like that it's a good idea to purchase one long before the season begins so your glove can be broken in before Spring. 

2. The most prevalent glove break-in method is playing lots of catch. Glove manufacturers sell baseball-shaped mallets that can be used to pound the pocket of a glove several times over a short period of time to replicate a game of catch.

3. After forming the pocket of a glove, you can apply a shaving cream containing lanolin to all surfaces and laces to help soften and preserve the leather. This is also a good product to use to maintain the leather after a glove is exposed to an excessive amount of dirt / dust or when you put it away during the offseason. Baby wipes can be used to remove dirt from the leather prior to the application of shaving cream.

4. Some manufacturers recommend and sell glove oil.  If you choose to purchase this type of conditioning product, we suggest you verify the manufacturer of your glove recommends the use of a specific type of oil on the model of glove you have.

One thing to consider:  eBay, Craigslist and similar websites often have several good used gloves for auction or sale.  If you can find one that is the correct size and has already been broken in properly, you won't have to go through the break-in process and you'll save some cash as well.

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