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Q: What is your Covid Safety Plan?

A:  We have assembled a Safety Team, and are currently working on completing our Covid Safety Plan. Once it is completed it will be submitted to Little League International, emailed to all families, and posted on our website.

Q: Who can play in Hollywood-Rose City Little League?

A:  Anyone between the ages of 5-12 that resides within our league boundaries, OR attends a school within our league boundaries. If you live outside of our boundary, but attend school in the league’s boundary, then please use the school’s address as your own when registering.

Q:  When does registration close?

A: Usually the first week in February for Minors/Majors, and a few weeks later for Single A/Double A/Tee Ball.

Q:  What is “league age”?

A:  The league age determines the division(s) in which your player is eligible to play. Their League Age is their age on August 31. Players will still be assigned to a division based on local league divisional structure.*

The below Little League Age Calculator is a great tool to determine your child's league age:

Q:  How much does it cost to play?

A:  Depends on the division. We try to keep costs down as much as possible. Check out the Registration page for current rates.

Q:  Are their scholarships available?

A:  We are fortunate to have donors who help supplement us so that we can offer scholarships to families who need help covering the registration fees. We do ask that families pay what they can afford and we offset the balance. This way we can stretch our scholarship dollars to help as many families as possible.

Q:  How are uniforms handled?

A: Jerseys and caps are supplied by the league. Families are asked to purchase gray baseball pants, socks, and a belt(if needed).  All players keep their uniforms and from Tee Ball-Single A-Double A we encourage kids to re-use each year until they outgrow them. If a new uniform is needed for Tee Ball-Double A, one can be purchased for $15. In Minors/Majors, new uniforms are included in the fee, and kids will keep their uniform each year.

Q:  What are registration fees used for?

A:  Fees are used to pay field permit fees. It is used to purchase uniforms, equipment, and field materials. It is also used to pay little league chartering fees and insurance.

Q:  How do I become a coach?

A:  We are constantly in need of dedicated volunteers to coach teams. It is a great way to be involved in your child’s experience and memories of youth baseball or softball.  If you are interested you must register yourself (checking the box on your players registration does not register you). You should also send an email to the President at [email protected].

Q:  When are coaches decided?

A:  Coaches should be finalized before the end of registration and a coaches’ meeting will be held around the 3rd week in February.

Q: I have real concerns about how my player’s coach or an umpire is treating the players or conducting himself/herself on the field and in the dugout.

A:  We make every effort to train our coaches and umpires. We work to assure that they are good citizens, role models, and mentors before they are allowed to take a team or umpire a game. We have a strict Code of Conduct Policy regarding behavior, language, etc. Please contact the President at [email protected] for baseball related issues.

Q:  When are teams formed/drafted?

A: Teams will be formed or drafted, depending upon the division, during the last week of February

Q:  When do practices start?

A:  Approximately, 1st or 2nd week of March for Minors and Majors.  All other levels begin approximately the 3rd or 4th week of March. 

Q:  When are practices held? Games?

A:  Tee Ball usually practices for one hour 1 once per week. Games are played on Saturdays. They last for 1 hour.

Single A and  Double A usually practice twice per week and then reduce to approximately once per week when games start. Games are played one night during the week and one game on Saturdays.

Minors and Majors usually practice 1-2 evenings per week. Games are played twice per week. Rarely, there may be 3 games per week.

Q: When do games start?

A: Opening Ceremonies are normally the first Saturday in April, but games will probably start the Monday or Tuesday before that.

Q:  How long does the season last?

A:  The season ends mid-June, usually the Saturday after the last day of Portland Public Schools.

 Q: Can I request a specific coach or to play with a specific player?

A:  We do allow players to request a specific coach or to play with a specific player in Tee Ball and Farm Single A and Double A. We try to honor everyone’s request as long as the team numbers remain balanced.  Once the player reaches AAA(minors), then the team are developed through a draft process.  Requests cannot be honored beyond farm.

Q:  Does my player have to try out to play? Skills Evaluation

A:  Players do not need to attend a skills evaluation (tryout) if they are playing Tee Ball, Single A, or Double A. However, attendance to skills evaluation is MANDATORY to play in AAA(minors) and beyond.

Q: When are skills evaluations?

A:  Usually the 3rd weekend in February depending on field availability. We also will offer a make up day the following week. This is for AAA (Minors) and Majors. Again, remember that attending one of these session is mandatory.

Q:  What happens if I do not attend any skills evaluation sessions?

A: We will offer an alternative skills day. However, if the player does not make a skills evaluation, then he/she will automatically play in the less competitive division.

Q: I cannot commit to coaching, how else can I help?

A: It takes a village. The league cannot function without a legion of volunteers. Please volunteer to be on the board, umpire, cover the concession stand, show up to work parties, or help with set up and take down for our events.

Q:  Do I have to fundraise?

A:  Due to overwhelming demand, we have tried to keep fundraising responsibilities to a minimum. We do this through registration fees, sponsorship, and concessions. Throughout the year, we will have a spaghetti feed. During this event, we hold a silent auction for baskets. We ask each team to put together a gift basket. This has been a popular event with tickets selling out each year.  We also hold a pancake feed on opening day where we ask for donations. We always need volunteers to help with these events. Please don’t be shy when the email goes out asking for volunteers.

Q:  What is the “parents meeting” about in mid February.

A: Many of us have been dedicated to the league for a long time. We have found through the years that knowledge is power.  The meeting is an hour long informational meeting to let parents know about the state of the league. We also use it as an opportunity and forum to inform, answer questions, hear suggestions, etc.

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